Detailed websites data

Detailed websites and domain data
254,173,954+ domains in 1,565 domain zones
254,173,954 Domains in 1,565 Domain Zones

Detailed websites and domain data come in .CSV (comma-separated) format. They include some additional fields: Domain name / DNS servers (if any) / IP (if any) / Country by IP (if any) / Country by HTML codepage (if any) / Web server (if any) / Hostname (if any) / Emails address (if any) / Alexa traffic rank (if any) / Phone numbers (if any)

Download sample data Download here (Column H have email address in excel file).

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  • Most of the domain zones in these lists are updated daily (each 24h)
  • All domain lists are provided in compressed .gz format. Use 7zip to unpack and Ron's Editor or CsvPad to view files.
  • All-in-one list contains 254,173,954 domains. The size of this compressed file is about 1.486 Gb
  • Use our fully automated dashboard to download update list.

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