We started using FraudLabs to identify fraud orders.

  • Sunday, 8th May, 2022
  • 12:52pm

Hello All,

Now days we are getting too many fraud orders from every country, so have decided to start using any fraud order detection company who will verify every order.

Now we use FraudLabs services to check every order so please register carefully with these information most be correct.

1: The phone number should be correct. (You may get OTP)

2: Use only real email address because without verification you can't download database. (No Fake or Disposal Mail Address)

3: Don't use any VPN or Proxy in order.

4: Your Pincode/Zipcode should be correct.

5: Your country and IP country should be matched.

If you use this information correctly, then your order will never mark as fraud.

Note: If you are using all correct information and still your order getting marked as fraud, then please contact 24x7 available support team on WhatsApp for the quick reply.

WhatsApp: https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=917982377273&text=Hello


Whoisextractor Team

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